Microsoft works on web-based Outlook for Windows 10 and Mac

Outlook is one of the most widely used Microsoft applications across all platforms. The customer is present in virtually every business in the world, regardless of the courier service purchased. However, each app depends on a separate team and offers different functionality.

As a result, we find that Outlook is updated earlier on some platforms than on others. For example, in recent months, we’ve seen a redesign of the Outlook app for Mac, where Windows only included the simplified ribbon bar. On mobile phones, iOS received email reading before Android. In addition, we find the web as another platform.

Project Monarch, a single Outlook Web

Last year, at the Ignite event, Microsoft presented its unified vision for Outlook. Project Monarch is the result of this effort and therefore the new Outlook will be web experience based. This does not mean that the applications of each platform will be replaced by a PWA (Progressive Web App).

The goal is to create an application with the same experience for each platform, reusing components from the web version of Outlook. For example, Zac Bowden, from Windows Central, indicates that the application for iOS will have several native integrations: offline storage, sharing dialog, notifications …

Project Monarch will replace existing Outlook applications for both businesses and consumers. In other words, in Windows 10, it will replace the Mail and Calendar app, in addition to the app built into the Office suite. This move would be very similar to the one we’ve seen with Microsoft Teams, which seems to have paid off for the company.

We will see the result towards the end of this year, with the objective of replacing the Mail and Calendar applications during 2022. During this time, these applications are in maintenance mode, so they will not receive new features. With the renewal of Windows 10 thanks to Sun Valley, we will have some design changes, but not too much novelty.

Later, Microsoft’s goal is to replace the old Outlook for Windows 10 app that is built into Office. However, this plan will take a little longer, as this app has a large number of functions and utilities that will take longer to integrate.

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