Microsoft’s Cloud PC service would arrive in summer

We’ve been talking about Cloud PC for a while now, and it looks like according to the latest reports from ZDNet’s Mary Jo Foley, the service is set to launch this summer. A small revolution for Windows 10 computers.

Cloud PC will arrive this summer

The date chosen would be during the months of July and would coincide with the Inspire conference which will take place on July 14th and 15th. As has been happening for a year, this event will be a virtual adaptation to the pandemic.

The first news about Cloud PC dates back to the end of last year. There was an Azure project at the time and it was rumored that it would arrive in the spring of this year. Now that spring is here, we must think of summer as the bet for the launch of this service.

The details we know of speak of a per-use service that would be managed from Microsoft 365. It makes perfect sense and would allow users to access a Windows desktop where we can use the software we need.

The objective of this service is to offer an always up to date Windows service, allowing us to have maximum productivity wherever we are. A new way of working with Windows computers and a new use of Azure servers.

Cloud PC could be the desktop equivalent for Windows 10 Xbox Game Pass users. We will see the approach that Microsoft gives to this service and how it works when it is launched.

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