Microsoft’s “problem” and its large sum of money

This week, we updated you on Microsoft’s frustrated attempt to acquire Pinterest. The figure was estimated to be around $ 51 billion. However, there was no agreement during the negotiations and the social network rejected the offer of the giant of Redmond.

The question we ask ourselves is … is it really worth entering the mainstream social media business? Is there a long term benefit for Microsoft? It is said that part of Microsoft’s interest in Pinterest was to take one of its customers from Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Attentive to social purchases related to Azure

In the future, it looks like we will see a possible acquisition of services related, albeit slightly, to the Microsoft business. The goal will be to develop as a service company and for Microsoft Azure to benefit from it. With Pinterest, he gained a social network with nearly half a billion users.

Either way, looking back, we’re surprised at the price Pinterest would have had. With LinkedIn, they have taken the world’s largest corporate social network with over 600 million users for 26 billion. With Pinterest, we have a social network with fewer users and fewer visitors, but twice as expensive.

We now know that Microsoft has the means to tackle a purchase of unthinkable proportions. To acquire something worth 51 billion is to have significant purchasing power. However, a company of Microsoft’s caliber doesn’t buy things “because they can” but also because they think they need them.

Some possible purchases would be: Twitter, Flipboard, Reddit, Nokia, Bloomberg and many more. In fact, we should not rule out the possibility that they are acquiring news servers or services now that they are fighting Google again in Australia. We also know they want to compete with Shopify.

Either way, it looks like Microsoft wants to be in the mainstream market again, even though it’s wallet-based. When a business of such size has such an amount of cash, it is always advisable to invest it in promoting its growth rather than accumulating it. The next few months will be decisive whether Microsoft wants to buy a service related to the consumer market anyway.

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