Midterm elections in Nepal: Nepalese President and PM KP Sharma Oli accused of attacking the constitution: PM KP Sharma Oli criticized the president for attacking the Constitution

Nepal’s President Bidya Devi Bhandari rejected Sher Bahadur Deuba and KP Sharma Oli’s requests for the post of prime minister and dissolved the country’s parliament and announced new dates for the midterm elections. After that, the opposition parties attack Bhandari and Oli. The country’s political parties called Oli and Bhandari’s decision unconstitutional and alleged that Bhandari could not protect the country’s constitution.

‘Constitutional gang rape’
According to the new announcement, there will be parliamentary elections in Nepal on November 12-19 for the lower house. Reacting after that, Nepalese Congressman Bishwash Prakash Sharma said people are fighting the epidemic and are receiving this gift. He said in strong words: “He’s a different type from Kotparb and the prime minister is walking on the imaginary highway of dictatorship. Gang rape of the constitution will be costly.

Political crisis in Nepal: Oli and President together strike down opposition in Nepal, announce midterm elections
‘Oli on the way to Gyanendra’
Barsha Mann Pun of the Maoist Center said it was a midnight theft. He said, “Gyanendra Shah used to choose Friday and midnight to take such measures. KP Oli is a pawn for people who do not like our Constitution and it is an attack on democracy and our Constitution ”. Nepalese Congresswoman Shekhar Koirala said the president’s decision could not be forgiven.

Has been invited to submit a complaint
A day earlier, the President of Nepal Vidya Devi Bhandari had called on the country’s political parties to demand the formation of a new government. On the recommendation of Prime Minister Oli, the president set Friday evening at 5 p.m. as the deadline for political parties to form the new government. Oli had to prove his majority within 30 days to remain prime minister.

Nepal: Oli lost the presidency of the Prime Minister, did not obtain a majority in Parliament

Anger erupted against the president and Oli

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