Migrant returns to Morocco amount to 7,500, government says

Publication: Sunday, May 23, 2021 3:03 PM

The number of returning migrants who entered Ceuta irregularly stands at 7,500 people, according to data provided on Sunday by the government delegation. This figure has increased by 500 people in the last 24 hours due to both the arrival of migrants in Morocco and the voluntary return of many of them.

More than 8,000 Moroccans managed to gain access to Ceuta in the first days of this week, including some 800 Moroccan minors, after which Spain and Morocco reached an agreement for the return of the migrants. In addition to those who are forced to return, dozens of young people have appeared at the border, entered irregularly and having chosen to return voluntarily to their country.

780 minors frequented in Ceuta

Regarding minors, there are 780 who are located and taken care of in Ceuta. Most are between 4 and 14 years old. To this figure must be added those who continue to roam the streets of Ceuta and whom the police try to locate and take to the centers until their family claims them. In the center of Piniers, there is a warehouse in which there are 11 isolated children who have tested positive for the coronavirus.

Three attempts to jump to the fence with 270 involved

Additionally, in the past few hours there have been three more attempts to jump over the fence to enter Spain from Morocco with at least 270 people involved. In Melilla it was both daylight and dawn. However, this time, Moroccan agents collaborated to thwart the jumps. The interior, for its part, reinforced the area with 40 civil guards and 50 additional police officers.

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