mike pence declares joe biden victory: neutralization of the violence of supporters of donald trump in america, who marked biden’s victory in parliament

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President Mike Pence, who neutralized violence from Trump supporters who were trying to stop Biden from becoming president, announced Biden’s victory around four in the evening, during which lawmakers in Trump’s party raised several objections to Biden’s victory in Washington.
The violence of Donald Trump’s supporters who made the US Parliament a battleground to prevent Joe Biden from becoming president has proven ineffective. Vice President Mike Pence on Thursday morning at around a quarter to four (according to the Indian at around two p.m.) announced Biden’s victory. After nearly 15 hours of debate and riots in the US Parliament, Mike Pence declared victory at Biden Electrical College on the basis of votes. Meanwhile, President Donald Trump issued an order saying there will be a transfer of power on January 20.

Meanwhile, Donald Trump’s Republican Party MPs made several objections to Biden’s victory, but all were rejected. Previously, thousands of supporters of incumbent US President Donald Trump entered the Capitol and clashed with the police. In these incidents, 4 people died and many people were injured. Additionally, the constitutional process of stamping Joe Biden’s name as the new president has been halted. Members of Congress counted the electoral college votes on Wednesday, in which large numbers of Trump supporters stormed the Capitol building, demolishing the security system.

The Senate and the entire Capitol were closed
The police had to fight hard to control these protesters. The delegation and the Senate and the entire Capitol were closed under these circumstances. Vice President Mike Pence and MPs were taken to safer places. News channel ‘CNN’ quoted a spokesperson for the Metropolitan Police Department in a report that a woman who was shot dead inside the Capitol has died. A total of 4 people were killed and three others were injured. Several officers were injured in the attack on protesters. The curfew was imposed in the nation’s capital amid deteriorating conditions.

However, large numbers of protesters took to the streets in violation of the curfew. The curfew was announced in the afternoon by Mayor Muriel Bowser. Authorities have said that after overcoming four hours of violence from Trump supporters, the Capitol is now safe. Large numbers of police were deployed to disperse the crowd. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said in a letter to her colleagues that congressional leaders have decided to resume the joint session this evening after peace on Capitol Hill.

Trump called to follow the law and go home
Trump, who previously promoted his supporters, urged them to obey the law and return home after the violence. Trump said in a video message: “These elections were fraudulent, but there is nothing we can do that can harm ourselves and benefit others.” We need peace. So go home. The microblogging site Twitter took an unexpected step on President Donald Trump’s account for 12 hours on Wednesday for continuously posting fake messages during the presidential election.

Twitter also warned that if Trump breaks the rules in the future, his account will be banned permanently. Newly elected President Joe Biden said of the incident that he was shocked and deeply sad that America had to see such a day. Biden said in an address to the nation: “ Right now our democracy is under unprecedented attack. We have never seen such a thing in modern times. Attack on the Capitol, stronghold of independence. Attack on Those Who Represent the People and Police of Capitol Hill … and the Officials Who Work in the Temple of Our Republic …

‘Call to protect the Constitution’
He said, “I would like to clarify. This scene of anarchy on Capitol Hill doesn’t reflect the real America. Does not represent who we are. We see that a small number of radicals are sowing anarchy. It’s chaos. It’s anarchy. This is similar to betrayal. It should end now. In his address to the nation, he said, “I call on President Trump to stand up for the Constitution, keep his oath and be on national television, demanding its end.”

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