Mike Pompeo: Mike Pompeo received a gift of whiskey from Japan for $ 5,800, but where does the US State Department start

The US State Department is shocked by the disappearance of a $ 5,800 Japanese whiskey donated to former US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo. Due to the unavailability of such an expensive liqueur, a team was formed to find out. This State Department team also searches every nook and cranny of the department for alcohol. In fact, US officials can only keep gifts for less than $ 390. If the price is higher, it must be deposited with the ministry.

US State Department is investigating
CNN cited remarks from the State Department in a federal registry indicating that the US State Department was tracing the bottle. The documents indicate that the Japanese government offered this whiskey to Pompeo in 2019. The ministry took the unusual decision of finding that there was no information on the whiskey. According to information from the New York Times, there is no mention of such investigations in the past two decades.

Pompeo denies buying a bottle of wine
According to the US State Department comment, the department is investigating the matter and an investigation is underway. It is not clear, however, whether Pompeo himself received the whiskey or whether an employee accepted it. Pompeo said he had never received a bottle of whiskey and had no idea it was missing or what happened to the gift.

Pompeo criticizes the US State Department
Speaking to Fox News, former US Secretary of State Pompeo said I think it was never touched. It never happened to me. I have no idea how the State Department lost these things, although I saw a lot of inefficiency in the State Department during my tenure. He said if he had had a can of Diet Coke it would have been completely emptied.

Gifts over $ 390 must be deposited
Pompeo’s attorney, William Burke, told the Wall Street Journal that the former secretary of state had no recollection of receiving the bottle of whiskey and no information about what happened to him. US officials can keep gifts under $ 390. However, if officials want to keep gifts of greater value, they must buy them. As reported by The New York Times, the comment said the bottle was valued at US $ 5,800. The whiskey case has come to the fore in the State Department’s annual accounts of gifts given by governments and foreign officials to senior US officials.

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