Mike Pompeo: Pompeo will visit 7 countries including France and Turkey, not US power change foreign policy – Mike Pompeo will visit seven countries in Europe and Asia including France and Turkey in the midst of the American electoral conflict

Foreign Minister Mike Pompeo is visiting seven countries amid the political turmoil following the controversial presidential election in the United States. According to the US State Department, Mike Pompeo will begin his trip from France on Friday. The seven countries Pompeo must visit are France, Turkey, Georgia, Israel, Qatar, United Arab Emirates, and Saudi Arabia.

Peace and cooperation will be the goal of the trip
Pompeo said different issues will be discussed in each country, but I am confident that with many of these countries there will be talks on this administration’s historic efforts to establish peace and cooperation in West Asia. Pompeo will visit these countries from November 13 to 23. He will first visit France and meet President Emanuel Macron.

Plan to go to Turkey and Georgia after France
After France, Mike Pompeo will travel to Turkey and Georgia. He will then meet with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in Israel. Pompeo will travel from Israel to the United Arab Emirates, Qatar and then to Saudi Arabia.

Embarrassing not to accept Trump’s defeat: Biden
US President-elect Joe Biden said on Tuesday it was a shame not to accept the defeat of outgoing President Donald Trump in the last election. He said Trump’s inability to accept defeat would not affect his power transfer plan and he started speaking to world leaders.

‘It won’t help the president’s legacy’
In Wilmington, Delaware, Biden said: “To be honest I think this is an embarrassing act … It won’t help the president’s legacy … After my interactions with world leaders, I’m so They know they hope America’s democratic institutions will be strengthened again.

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