“Mile zero begins today. I will ask for a copy of everything that has been seized from me.”

Updated: Thursday, March 4, 2021 12:55 PM

Published on: 04.03.2021 12:43

Retired Commissioner José Manuel Villarejo attended the media after appearing in National Court on his first day of probation pending trial, after lifting his provisional prison yesterday.

“I just want to defend myself, I want to get my family back and I want to collaborate with justice,” said Villarejo for whom “kilometer zero begins today”. “I will ask for a copy of everything that has been seized from me,” he said.

“I have never been a normal police officer, I never had an office and almost all my private jobs were conditioned by the public interest”, he defended.

The instructor of the Tandem case, Judge Manuel García-Castellón, has accepted the request of the anti-corruption prosecution to release Villarejo from prison, due to the impossibility of trying him before he reaches the provisional prison limit in November, and with the intention of leaving time in temporary prison, if necessary.

Villarejo also asked to investigate information leaks which presumably came from himself: “Being in a five-meter cell with everything intervened and suddenly they say Villarejo is fleeing,” he denounced. . “Villarejo is a liar, but at the same time it affects the security of the state,” he said.

The retired commissioner showed his badge, in which he shows that he is no longer on duty, and was very proud to have been a police officer. “I’m sure this whole hoax will eventually see the light of day when I can defend myself,” he said.

In addition, he denounced the conditions under which he was treated in the prison of Estremera (Madrid), where he has been detained since November 5, 2017. According to him, the heating of his cell has been removed, which has affected him. caused the stroke for which he now wears a patch, besides being “naked a thousand times, they looked at my sphincter to see if I had a phone”.

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