Military coup: 40 Burmese junta soldiers killed in Kayah State Attacks by the Karenni people’s defense forces: 40 Burmese army soldiers killed in rebel attack

The army that seized power by suppressing Myanmar’s democratic government is now paying the price for the people’s anger. The Burmese army, which uses bullets to suppress the voice of protest, faces opposition from its own people. According to the report, 40 Burmese army soldiers were killed, while hundreds were reportedly injured in clashes with local rebel Karenni People’s Defense Forces (PDF) in Kaya state.

40 soldiers killed in two clashes in Kaya state
Along with the fear of civil war, the migration of people also started. Referring to rebels belonging to the People’s Defense Forces, the Irrawaddy reported that there was a skirmish with his army in Mo Bay, on the border of Shan-Kaya state, on Sunday morning. In this, the Burmese army shooting at the homes of ordinary people injured two civilians and damaged many homes.

The rebels have captured a police station
After prolonged gunfire, the rebels captured the Mo Bi police station. According to the Kantaravadi Times, at least 15 Burmese army soldiers were killed in the skirmish and four were captured by the rebels. After these shots, the rebels set fire to the police station. A member of the rebel group was killed in the incident, while five others were reportedly injured.

People said – would like to be martyred for rebelling
A local resident said that after seeing the brutality of the Myanmar dictator’s army against the local citizens, we decided to fight with the weapons we collected. Many local youth said they would rather revolt and be martyred than be arrested and killed if they protested.
24 soldiers killed on the highway
On Sunday itself, protracted clashes continued in Demoso township, Kaya state. Meanwhile, 24 Burmese army soldiers were killed on the Loikav-Demoso road. As reported by the Kantarwadi Times, the fighting continued into the evening. During this time, the local population blocked the roads from one place to another to stop the Myanmar army, after which the army entered the city using armored vehicles.

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