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Strong points:

The Pakistani army is starting a 15-day war with Sri Lanka, India will rise due to the strengthening of relations between Pakistan and Sri Lanka in the Indian Ocean.
Less than a month after Imran Khan’s visit to Colombo, the armies of Sri Lanka and Pakistan organized a joint exercise. The X-shake maneuver against terrorism was carried out in Saliyapura, in the north-central province of Sri Lanka. During this time, a contingent of the Pakistani army remained in Sri Lanka for about 15 days. It is believed that the proximity between Sri Lanka and Pakistan could have a negative impact on India. With this new alliance, China can gain more strength in the Indian Ocean.

40 Pakistani army soldiers took part
The Pakistan High Commission said six Pakistani army officers and 35 other staff, four Sri Lankan army officials and 40 other staff took part in the exercise. The purpose of this exercise was to strengthen bilateral defense relations and share the rich experiences of the two armies against terrorism.

Sri Lankan army chief praised Pakistan
On the occasion, Sri Lankan Army Chief General Shavendra Silva said Pakistan was a true friend of Sri Lanka on every difficult occasion and had always supported Sri Lanka. Pakistan has also supported Sri Lanka against the recent United Nations Security Council resolution. Pakistan had voted against the human rights violations proposal introduced against Sri Lanka at the United Nations Human Rights Council days earlier, while India was absent from the vote.

Recently, Imran visited Sri Lanka
Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan visited Sri Lanka a month ago. Meanwhile, Sri Lankan Prime Minister Mahinda Rajapaksa broke protocol and arrived at the airport to receive Imran Khan himself. During this period, agreements were made between Pakistan and Sri Lanka in many areas, including defense, trade and tourism. The two countries also described each other as close friends. However, in order not to offend India, Sri Lanka canceled Imran Khan’s program to address the Sri Lankan Parliament on this occasion.

Pakistan donated arms in fight against LTTE
In the fight against the terrorist organization LTTE, Pakistan has supplied numerous weapons to the Sri Lankan army. It is claimed that the Sri Lankan army was only able to wipe out the LTTE with high-tech military equipment and the support of intelligence services from Pakistan and China. In fact, during this period, the Sri Lankan army faced huge allegations of human rights violations, due to which many countries stopped the supply of arms to Sri Lanka.

Sri Lanka-Pakistan, Imran Khan’s Colombo tour is getting closer. What danger for India?
Sri Lanka also helped Pakistan during the 1971 war.
During the 1971 war, when India closed its airspace to Pakistani planes. Then Pakistani planes stopped to refuel in Sri Lanka during the flight to former East Pakistan (Bangladesh). However, India subsequently closed its air route to Pakistan by deploying its aircraft carrier in the Bay of Bengal.

There will be danger for India in the Indian Ocean
Imran Khan’s visit to Sri Lanka could increase the risk for India. If the two countries (Sri Lanka and Pakistan), which have failed economically, meet at China’s instigation, then the strategic situation in the Indian Ocean will change. India is trying to establish dominance in the region, while China and Pakistan are making plans against it. China is already present in Hambantota of Sri Lanka, in such a situation, if Pakistan comes here, the difficulties for India will increase. Sri Lanka pulled India out of the Colombo East Terminal project a few days ago.

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