Milky Way Collision: Dark Matter Might Be Behind Galaxy Ready To Collide With Milky Way: Dark Matter Might Be Behind Galaxy That Hit Galaxy

One of the biggest mysteries in the universe is Dark Matter and it is believed that many answers should now be received. A star cluster has appeared as we head towards a smaller galaxy on the way to collide with our galaxy. This discovery was made during the creation of a new map. These stars are seen on the outside of an arm of our galaxy. This large Magellanic cloud galaxy is 1.3 million light years from Earth and as it progresses the space material left behind is visible in which there is more only stars.

Not seen, felt

Researchers believe that the material left behind the LMC not only contains stars, but also something else that is not visible. They believe it may be dark matter. It is believed that much of the universe is made up of dark matter and this can only be observed by the effect of gravity, not directly seen. Study co-author Nicolas Garavito Camargo, a doctoral student at the University of Arizona, says Dark Matter could take stars with him.

Question about dark matter?

Stars and planets do not sink in space even after the galaxy rotates under the influence of dark matter. The researchers hope that dark matter can also be understood by studying it. Harvard University astronomy professor Charlie Conroy says it’s like walking on a boat. He says moving a boat can be understood depending on the path behind it, whether the boat is moving in water or in honey. On this basis, we can try to understand dark matter.

When will there be a collision?

Based on the new map and the model created by other researchers, the team is working to prove the theory of dark matter. The map was prepared using data from the telescope of the US Space Agency NASA and the European Space Agency ESA. It also shows that this galaxy is slowly moving towards the galaxy and its orbit is decreasing. It will collide with the Milky Way 2 billion years later. The fusion of two galaxies is a common phenomenon in the universe. The galaxy collided with a small galaxy even 8 billion years ago.

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