Milky Way stars: Milky Way Star Stream is a family: family of stars in the galaxy commonly

There are many star clusters in our galaxy, but a new study has revealed a family that includes around 500 stars. These stars look like a stream instead of a cluster, and based on data from the European Space Agency’s Gaia Space Telescope, it was found that they were all born together. This flow of stars simultaneously moves in the same direction in the sky. With the help of this discovery, many important puzzles related to the universe are expected to be solved. How stars are born, how galaxies are formed – can help answer many of these questions. (Image credit: NASA / JPL-Caltech / R. Hurt, SSC & Caltech.)

These stars are different from others

The study based on this section named Theia 456 was presented at the 237th meeting of the American Astronomical Society. Study author Jeff Andrews reported that stars in a group are usually born together, but the special thing about Theia 456 is that it is not a group. It is stretched and long. Jeff says that with the help of advanced instrumentation and technology, new models of stars are visible, which were not well known before. Their existence was known earlier but it was difficult to see them. It is clear that there may be many models that there is not much information about today. (Image credit and copyright: R Jay Gabany (Blackbird Observatory) – Collaboration; D. Martínez-Delgado (IAC, MPIA), J. Peñarrubia (U. Victoria) I. Trujillo (IAC) S. Majewski ( U. Virginia), M. Pohlen (Cardiff))

Why is this discovery special?

Theia 456 covers 57 million light years in the galaxy. Jeff said that usually through telescopes it is seen outside the galaxy because it is easy to see and find something there. Now such views are visible in our own galaxy, which is like finding a needle in a pile of grass. He said that almost the same amount of iron is present in all the stars in this stream. It is estimated that these stars must have been born 100 million years ago. (Ana Bonaca, Gaia / ESA)

You will get answers to many questions

Based on the change in brightness of these stars, it was also found that they all rotate at the same speed. It’s also clear that they were all born together. Jeff pointed out that if we can understand how the stars move, we can also know where they are coming from. Going up, we find that these stars were closer. This indicates that they were all born together from the same place. By understanding the process of star birth in the galaxy, one can explore the universe in depth and understand how stars and galaxies were born. (NASA)

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