Million-year-old killing machine revealed ancient Anteosaurus reptile

Scientists have identified a dinosaur that ravaged Earth two and a half million years ago. This dinosaur was comparable to any hippo today, but it was no match in terms of strength and speed. He single-handedly eclipsed all the dinosaurs of that time. Scientists named it Enteosaurus. His body was heavy and his head very large.

He had incredible strength in his jaws
According to the Live Science report, a recent analysis of this animal’s skull revealed to scientists that it could have quickly cut anything. He had incredible strength in his jaws and speed in his legs. With which he ran and caught his prey at high speed. Because of this deadly combination of speed and power, all animals of the time, including dinosaurs, were afraid of it.

There was a monopoly rule on the African continent
It was said in this study that from today about 3 crore years to 25 million years ago, this creature had a unitary diet on the African continent. Enteosaurus belonged to the reptile family, which includes creatures such as lizards, crocodiles, and lizards. They were predators older than dinosaurs. These were known as Dinocephalians. Dinocephalians were also part of a larger group of animals, called thapids. It includes the ancestors of all mammals.

These animals were born from eggs
Lian Benoit, a senior researcher at the Institute of Evolutionary Studies at the Witwetersrand (Wits University) in Johannesburg, South Africa, said dinocephaly was one of the first herbivorous and carnivorous species to dominate terrestrial ecosystems. According to the study, these animals were born from eggs laid on the ground and lived for a long time in a shell made inside the mother’s body.

New research rejected old studies
They claimed that they also hunted with their heavy heads. Anterosorus’ skeleton was so huge that researchers initially assumed it was a slow animal. The one who could ambush and attack his prey. But this study found that this animal was able to walk fast due to its texture.

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