Min Aung Hlaing India: Myanmar Coup: Gen. Min Ang Laing Wants To Be Myanmar President, Has Close Ties To India – Myanmar Coup High Level General Min Aung Hlaing Wants becoming president has close ties to India

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India’s neighboring country Myanmar suffered a military coup again on Monday, with country leader Aung Song Suu Kyi and other leaders arrested as the president handed over the reins of power to the senior military commander, General-in-Chief Min Aung Laing.
The military coup in India’s neighboring country Myanmar has again taken place and the country’s top leader, Aung Sang Suu Kyi, has been arrested. The military appointed Vice President Mint Sway as chairman, who is known for his role in action against pro-democracy protests in 2007 and for his connections with powerful military leaders. Mint Swe handed over the reins of power to the top military commander, Senior General Min Aung Laing, soon after becoming president. General Min is on the verge of retirement and analysts believe he can beat the presidential election a year later.

Indeed, under Myanmar’s constitution of 2008, in an emergency, the president can hand over command of power to the military commander. Laing (64) has been the Commander of the Military Forces since 2011 and is expected to retire soon. In other words, if the military junta holds elections in one year as promised, then the way will be cleared for it to assume the role of civilian leadership. The military justified the coup by saying that the government did not follow up on its allegations of election fraud.
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The embarrassing defeat of the army’s “ Union Solidarity and Development Party ”
The army-backed “Union Solidarity and Development Party” suffered a humiliating election defeat. “It looks like Min Aung Laing is about to retire and should be given a bigger role,” said Gerard McCarthy of the Asia Research Institute. Laing was blacklisted in 2019 by the US government for his involvement in “ serious human rights violations. ” Laing led the army during security operations in the Rakhine region.

International human rights investigators say about seven lakh from the Rohingya community had to flee their homes due to the military’s action during the campaign. Sway conducted an investigation in 2017, dismissing charges against the military and saying the military acted “ legitimately. ” Laing is among more than a dozen Burmese officials who were removed from Facebook in 2008.

His Twitter account was also closed. Sway (69) is a close associate of former junta leader Than Shwe. Shwe authorized the transfer of power in 2011 for the start of a semi-military government. International sanctions imposed on Myanmar were lifted after the transfer of power, causing the country to remain isolated and deprived of foreign investment for years. The military coup in this country, which has been under military rule for five decades, has been condemned by various countries and organizations around the world and has demanded the release of the detained leaders.

General Min visited India during the Doklam conflict
In 2017, General Min visited India during the Doklam dispute with China. Meanwhile, General Min was greeted by the then chief of the Indian army, General Vipin Rawat. General Min went to Bodh Gaya and worshiped Lord Buddha. He traveled to many places across the country. On his return to Delhi, he met Prime Minister Modi and then Defense Minister Arun Jaitley and National Security Advisor Ajit Doval.

India closely monitors Myanmar’s rise to power
After the military resurgence in Myanmar, adjoining northeastern India, the Indian government is closely monitoring overall development. India can fight against Aung Sang Suu Kyi or against them. In October last year, India’s Foreign Secretary Harsha Shrangala and Army Chief of Staff MM Narwane visited Myanmar ahead of the military coup in Myanmar. Analysts say it was an unusual trip whose motive was not even known. He says India needs Myanmar’s army to deal with militants in northeast India and for this reason New Delhi cannot offend General Min. This also when China undertakes to bring them to court.

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