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A brand is not always synonymous with success. Minecraft, the best-selling game in history, has failed to make the leap to augmented reality. Minecraft Earth the game that wanted to compete with Pokemon Go did not last more than a year.

Minecraft Earth succumbs to its wrong approach

The reality is that many of us have tried the augmented reality game and most of us have stopped using it after a short time. Its waiting times and micropayments make it uninteresting as an idea or concept. He had enormous potential and yet the opportunity was wasted.

Minecraft Earth will close in June 2021. Please read our full post below for more details. We appreciate all the support from the community!


– Minecraft Earth (@minecraftearth) January 5, 2021

It seems that even the fame of Minecraft is no guarantee of success. Games on mobile devices still don’t work for Microsoft who, after the failure of Gears Pop, it’s now Minecraft Earth’s turn, only Forza Street remains as the only game, beyond casual games, of Microsoft franchises. .

The Redmond giant has seen how Nintendo has managed to have much greater relevance with its games while they crash. Of course, the existing problem is the approach applied and the zero link with the new generations of actors.

Remember that Age of Empires: Castle Siege also encountered this situation. There are already many titles that have disappeared and very few that are prevalent. Ultimately Wordament, Sudoku, and Classic Solitaire are the dominant games for Microsoft. Maybe you should focus on these types of games and the rest go for Cloud Gaming. Either way, the latest Minecraft Earth update is now available for everyone who enjoyed this game.

We hope that future bets on games on smartphones will be more successful than existing bets. Microsoft has already suffered multiple defeats in this area and it looks like only Halo wins.

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