Minecraft unifies the launcher of its games on Windows 10

The best-selling game just keeps getting better. People thought at the time that Microsoft would destroy the Minecraft experience and its legacy. However, it is still as popular if not more popular than before and it seems that people’s fears have been exaggerated. Now they are looking to unify experiences in a single launcher.

A launcher to unify Minecraft games

At the moment, Minecraft only offers two games, the Java version and Dungeons. But it’s a way to unify the experience and also for Minecraft Dungeons to have greater visibility. We love this little nod to Minecraft games that hints that there could be more titles in the future.

Changing the new launcher is not mandatory, but we understand that in the future it will become mandatory. At the moment, this is still a way to be informed of all the news and see all the information at a glance.

This study is becoming more and more relevant every day and not just in the world of video games. Recall that a film is supposed to be scheduled for 2022 and that there could be other games in development based on the world of Minecraft.

On the other hand, Microsoft saw in Mojang’s game the opportunity to make it a key element of education. Minecraft Education offers countless lessons of all kinds to teach people who grew up playing this video game how to play. The future of this study is very promising and those who have seen its expensive acquisition now deem the price more than sufficient.

While it is true that there have been projects that have failed miserably like Minecraft Earth. In the end, all games, no matter how popular, are vulnerable to possible failure. We hope that the future of Mojang is very bright in all its projects and in all areas.

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