Minerals found on Mars found in Antarctica, the stars are connected between Earth and the red planet? – rare mineral jarosite found in the Antarctic ice sheet found in abundance on Mars

The ice of Antarctica is also called a “time capsule”. This is because the ice cream has kept decades-old secrets here. Researchers looking into this ice have now found something that can connect wires between Earth and Mars. In fact, such a mineral has been found here which is extremely rare on Earth and it is more likely to be found on Mars. Based on this discovery, the likelihood of finding similarities between the conditions on Earth and Mars increases.

Born on March

Jarosite is a mineral found in large quantities on Mars. It is believed that at one point the position of Mars was such that it could produce minerals. This yellow-brown mineral is produced in the presence of water and acid. There is no water on Mars but it has been found below the surface. It was first discovered by NASA’s Mars Opportunity Rover in 2004 and since then it has been found in many places on Mars. (Photo: @g_baccolo)

Rare mineral found in ice for the first time

On Earth, it can be found near volcanoes but it is extremely rare. We thought it was impossible in the snow until now, but now this discovery has surprised everyone. An article was published this month in Nature Communications. Geologist Giovani Bakolo from the University of Milan-Bicocca also tweeted about it. He said that according to him, this is the first time that the geochemical process found on Mars has been in the Antarctic ice core.

Discover the similarities between the two planets

His team were looking for other minerals here but found the zerocyte. However, it is in very small amounts but x-rays have shown it to be a zerocyte. This research becomes very special because the possibility of finding similarities between the two planets through the same needs to become a single mineral increases.

What is the relationship between Antarctica and Mars?

It should be noted that some time ago a study of three huge saltwater lakes was found under the ice at the south pole of Mars. Similar lakes also exist on earth that contain extremophiles, that is, microorganisms that can live in an extremely hot or extremely cold environment. These organisms can live without oxygen, at subzero temperatures, and in salt water where other organisms cannot survive. They are found on the deep Antarctic Lake on Earth and similar creatures can be found in the Lakes of Mars.

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