mini moon near the earth: mini moon to leave the earth

On December 1 of last year, asteroid 2020 SO passed very close to Earth. This object passed near the distance of the earth and the moon and during this time it began to rotate in the orbit of the earth. Hence, it has been called “mini moon”. However, he is now ready to leave Earth orbit. It will end on February 1 before saying goodbye to Earth.

Earth will say goodbye in March
NASA analysis revealed in December that the “ asteroid ” was actually a Surveyor 2 rocket thruster launched in 1966. It has circled the Earth several times and this time has been doing so for two month. According to the virtual telescope project, this time it will be very close. After the Earth is released from gravity in March, it will begin to revolve around the sun.

NASA keeps an eye
According to NASA, 2020 SO came close to Earth on December 1 of last year and after that Earth’s gravitational field was in the “ sphere of the hills. ” Telescopes connected to NASA monitor Earth-prone asteroids in the sky. This is also special because it is important to distinguish between natural and artificial bodies.
Next month, the “little moon” is approaching Earth, but the scientist is surprised, where does it come from?
His speed was very low
Even before the truth of 2020 SO was discovered, experts had also noticed something strange about this new ‘moon’. Its speed was much lower than that of any other rock in space. This raised the possibility that it was a man-made item and it turned out to be the same. On average, the speed of a space rock is 11 km per second to 72 km per second while the speed of 2020 SW was only 0.6 km per second.

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