Minister Garzón insists on sustainable meat consumption, denies being “an adversary of cattle”

Posted: Thursday July 22 2021 1:35 PM

The controversial consumer meat campaign is back on the table. Minister Alberto Garzón insists on his message that it is necessary to eat better with a view to sustainability.

The head of Consumption assured that in his ministry they are “extremely calm” and that they will continue in the line of work of the campaign because their criterion is to make “a reasonable consumption”. This – he argued – is “government policy”.

Garzón criticized the position of the political opposition, “interested in distorting” the meaning of the government’s message, and warned that those who want to resemble him “as an opponent of extensive cattle ranching are wrong”.

“Nothing is further from reality. Historically, we, the IU and the government, have mainly defended extensive breeding,” he added. The Head of Consumer Affairs denied that an increase in VAT on meat products was being considered when asked about this possibility and however warned that other measures that could help change the consumption habits of Spaniards would be studied.

Garzón recalled that data from a recent Eurobarometer indicates that 76% of the Spanish population is willing to reduce their meat consumption, which, in his opinion, symbolizes the concern of citizens about the ecological impact of their consumption. .

In addition, he announced that he will travel next September to Asturias to continue to defend extensive, social and family breeding, because, as he said, it is essential because it protects the environment, l local economy, creates jobs and prevents fires. .

These statements were made by the Minister during a face-to-face conference after meeting with representatives of environmental organizations, such as Greenpeace, Ecologists in Action, Friends of the Earth, WWF and SEO / BirdLife to discuss the axes of work for sustainable consumption.

With them, he shares, as he commented, a philosophy and a concern for the challenges that our society must meet in its relationship with the environment because, according to him, “we are living an ecosocial crisis, which affects families and territories that are particularly vulnerable and threaten to end the natural subsistence that life allows. “

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