Minister Salvador Illa, CPS candidate in the Catalonia elections

Updated: Wednesday, December 30, 2020 12:15 PM

Published on: 12/30/2020 11:51

Political earthquake in Catalan elections. As laSexta was able to confirm exclusively, the Minister of Health Salvador Illa will be the CPS candidate in the next elections in Catalonia on February 14. This comes after Miquel Iceta decided to take a step back and give up the candidacy, according to sources close to the PSC at LaSexta.

“Illa is going to be the candidate because the first secretary of the Catalan socialists, Miquel Iceta, has decided to resign from the candidacy and has just communicated it to relatives. He will summon the executive of the PSC at 13:00”, Antonio García Ferreras has progressed at Al Rojo Vivo.

Iceta takes a step back in “a personal and considered decision”

“Our sources in Catalonia assure that this is a very thoughtful personal decision by Iceta. Iceta considers it to be a new and different moment for Catalonia which needs new players up front. -guard “, added García Ferreras, recalling that” everyone thought that today was the day of the confirmation of Iceta as a candidate “.

The truth is that yesterday, in an interview with TVE, Salvador Illa was asked about this candidacy and appointed Miquel Iceta as the candidate of the CPS. “This is the candidate that we are going to present in an election which must offer a change that Catalonia needs. Iceta is the person who is in the best conditions to lead this change,” said the minister.

Just a few days ago, it was Iceta himself who assured Onda Cero that “except for an earthquake or a watery heart problem”, he would be the Socialists’ candidate in the Catalan elections. “It is true that he had not yet been elected by the official organs of the party, but the campaign was already designed for him. Even with some marketing elements in place,” García Ferreras explained live.

Illa’s candidacy becomes the big surprise of the Catalan campaign. The Minister of Health was one of the political protagonists of the year for his management of the pandemic. “The CPS, as a tradition, usually has important ministries. They said that Salvador Illa came to Health because it was going to allow him to do Catalan politics and he was facing the most serious health crisis of the history of our country in recent months, “says Ferreras.

After hearing this news, several questions remain unanswered: how long will Illa remain minister, when will the Ministry of Health leave Illa? Who will be your succession at the head of the ministry? Unknown which will be resolved in the coming days.

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