missing black hole: hunt for the missing black hole in a distant galaxy: black hole discovered in a distant galaxy

There are many more unresolved questions about black holes than today. In such a situation, if a black hole is not there, it will necessarily be worried if it is not. Astronomers haven’t found a massive black hole, despite research by NASA’s Lunar X-ray Observatory and the Hubble Space Telescope. Depending on the galaxy, its weight may be 3 to 100 billion times that of our sun, but scientists have not found it to be less.

Research has been going on for years

It must have been a huge black hole in the Abell 2261 cluster of galaxies, 2.7 billion light years from Earth. There is a massive black hole at the center of almost all galaxies whose mass is billions of billions of times that of our sun. Astronomers believed that in the middle of this galaxy cluster must be one of the largest black holes in the universe. The research was initiated based on data received from Chandra in 1999 and 2004. They detected materials that heated up when falling into a black hole and would emit x-rays, but nothing was found. (Radiography: NASA / CXC / Univ of Michigan / K. G├╝ltekin; Optics: NASA / STScI and NAOJ / Subaru; Infrared: NSF / NOAO / KPNO)

How do scientists research?

In 2018, Kiehn Gultekin’s team at the University of Michigan began monitoring the appearance of black holes in the center of the galaxy. They saw the possibility that if two galaxies coexist together to form an observable galaxy, the black holes of both can also take the form of a huge black hole. In this case, gravitational waves are produced. If these waves were in one direction, the black hole would move away from the center of the galaxy, known as the retreated black hole. (Symbolic image)

Why is such a black hole important?

Scientists have not found any evidence of such black holes and are not even sure if two black holes are so close that these waves merge. So far, only small black holes have been discovered. If the receding supermassive black hole is detected, it will give scientists the basis to build an observatory to see the merger of two massive black holes based on gravitational waves. (Symbolic image)

Why is a black hole discovered here?

The peculiarity is that Abell 2261 should have such a black hole because Hubble and Subaru Optical Observation found a galactic core inside which there are a lot of stars at a particular place which is usually seen depending on the size of that galaxy Doesn’t get At the same time, the densest star region is 2,000 light years from the center of the galaxy. This indicates the presence of a black hole in the center. Based on this, Mark Postman of the Space Telescope Science Institute and his colleagues raised the possibility that there is a huge black hole formed by the merger of two black holes. However, this could not be proven by data from Chandra or Hubble. (Credit: NASA / CXC, NASA / STScI, NAOJ / Subaru, NSF / NRAO / VLA)

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