Mission Hope Mars Live: Mission HOPE Mars: The United Arab Emirates made history in space, a spacecraft orbiting Mars on the first attempt

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UAE spacecraft entered orbit on Mars in first attempt Prince Nahyanamangal meets with scientists to congratulate UAE’s Hope mission on success
The UAE space agency successfully made its astronaut orbit around Mars in the first attempt, making history. The UAE Hope vehicle travels at a speed of approximately 120,000 km / h. In order to catch the gravitational force of Mars, scientists in the United Arab Emirates kept the spacecraft’s engine on for about 27 minutes. On the occasion of this historic success, the ruler of Dubai, Mohammed bin Rashid bin Makhtoum and Crown Prince Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan of Abu Dhabi, also visited the space agency and cheered on the scientists.

Know the purpose of the UAE spacecraft
The UAE’s Orbit of Hope will study the atmosphere of planet Mars over the coming months. The UAE mission also aims to prepare the first world map of Mars. This mission is special because the first rovers traveled around Mars so that they could monitor every part of it in a limited time of the day. Other than that, the Orbit of Hope is oval, which will take this rover 55 hours. Because of this, it will be able to monitor parts of Mars for more time during the day and at night. In a year from March, it will be monitoring all the rooms throughout the day.

What was the danger in front of scientists
The biggest threat to scientists was the speed of this spacecraft. He was afraid that if he goes fast Hope will move away from Mars and if Hope goes slow he will perish on Mars. However, scientists in the United Arab Emirates managed to conquer all of these elements and complete their mission to orbit Mars.

Race for Mars in the world
The UAE also intends to project this as an inspiration to Arab youth. On the flip side, scientists claim that vehicles from the United Arab Emirates, the United States and China are reaching Mars, indicating the increasing race in the world. He said the world’s superpowers want to establish their dominance in space after Earth. He said the arrival of three spacecraft to orbit Mars in one month was unexpected. All of these vehicles will increase information on our planet Mars.
America could reach so far on Mars Earth
America is the only country so far that has successfully landed a spacecraft on Mars and has done this eight times. Two NASA landers operate there, Insight and Curiosity. Six other spacecraft are taking photos of the Red Planet from orbit of Mars, including three from the United States, two from European countries and one from India. China made the last attempt on Mars with the cooperation of Russia, which failed in 2011.

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