Mission Hope Mars: Mission HOPE Mars: the red planet will “ lock up ” on spacecraft from Mars, United Arab Emirates, United States and China

Abu Dhabi
In space, a “crowd” will accumulate in the sky of our neighboring planet Mars. In fact, spacecraft from the United Arab Emirates (UAE), China and the United States are expected to reach Mars orbit within 11 days of a long journey. The UAE’s HOPE spacecraft departed for the Red Planet about 7 months ago and is expected to enter orbit on Mars today.

The UAE’s Hope vehicle is traveling at a speed of about 120,000 km / h and will need to keep its engine running for about 27 minutes to capture the gravitational force of Mars. If the UAE vehicle is successful at this very important time, then the Hope vehicle will begin to study the atmosphere of the planet Mars. According to scientists, this phase will be the most important and it will decide whether Hope reaches Mars or not.
“ Mission to Mars ” race around the world, China and America in line after UAE
There is also a risk of destruction of the Hope vehicle.
The danger, according to scientists, is that if they go fast, hope will move away from Mars and if hope slows down, it will perish on Mars. The goal of this Hope vehicle is to create the world’s first weather map of Mars. This mission is special because the first rovers traveled around Mars so that they could monitor every part of it in a limited time of the day. Other than that, the Orbit of Hope is oval, which will take this rover 55 hours. Because of this, it will be able to monitor parts of Mars for more time during the day and at night. In a year from March, it will be monitoring all the rooms throughout the day.

Race for Mars in the world
The UAE also intends to project this as an inspiration to Arab youth. On the flip side, scientists claim that vehicles from the United Arab Emirates, the United States and China are reaching Mars, indicating the increasing race in the world. He said the world’s superpowers want to establish their dominance in space after Earth. He said the arrival of three spacecraft to orbit Mars in one month was unexpected. All of these vehicles will increase information on our planet Mars.

America could reach so far on Mars Earth
America is the only country so far that has successfully landed a spacecraft on Mars and has done this eight times. Two NASA landers operate there, Insight and Curiosity. Six other spacecraft are taking photos of the Red Planet from orbit of Mars, including three from the United States, two from European countries and one from India. China made the last attempt on Mars with the cooperation of Russia, which failed in 2011.

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