Mission to Mars: Astronauts who die during the mission to Mars can be eaten by other crew members

Man has now gathered all his strength to install the city out of the earth. Humanity sees a ray of hope on the red planet Mars. Aliens from spacecraft from the United States, China and the United Arab Emirates have reached Mars in search of life. Currently, preparations are underway to send humans to Mars. This trip to Mars will take seven months for a human being. In a small capsule, for such a long time a person has to go through the disturbances of space. Even if they survive, they will have to face the very bad environment of Mars. According to experts, since humans began traveling in space with rockets 60 years ago, 21 astronauts have died so far. There are now fears that more astronauts may have died on the long journey to Mars. What would happen if an astronaut died during this long journey? Will he be eaten by his fellow astronauts? Let’s know what the experts are saying …

The path from Mars to Earth is 17 million kilometers long

If a crew member dies while traveling to Mars, it can take several months, or even years, for their body to be brought back to Earth. Experts say that if a passenger is killed in space, several methods can be adopted to destroy the corpse. This includes leaving the corpse in infinite space or burying it on Mars. However, he says that to save the surface from deterioration, the body must first be burned on Mars. However, they also say that when the food is finished in the worst case scenario in space, the only thing left to eat to keep you alive in space is her friend’s corpse. Experts say if someone dies within 17 million kilometers of Mars, the body can be kept in a cold room or frozen until the spacecraft takes off.

Elon Musk said if you go to Mars be prepared to die

“If you want to go to Mars, prepare to die,” said Elon Musk, CEO and billionaire businessman of the company spacex, who dreamed of settling on the Red Planet. The US space agency NASA has not yet developed a protocol for death in space but according to experts it can be kept in a cold room. Freezing in space will be in a very different way than on Earth. In this, the body will be kept inside a capsule where in space it will be covered with snow. However, if keeping the bodies cold in space isn’t an option, the remaining crew members can leave their companions dead in space. NASA scientist Catherine Conley said in conversation with Popular Science magazine that there is no directive in this regard from NASA or anyone else under which to let the other passengers buried in space. However, there is also a risk that the corpse will hit the spacecraft.

Corpses can reach Mars

Experts say the easiest option is to leave the corpses in space, but future rockets will have to pass through a sea of ​​corpses as the death toll will continue to rise. Not only that, when astronauts reach Mars, they will face a new challenge to save their lives from radiation. According to previous figures, the level of radiation on Mars is 700 times higher than on Earth. Radiation can have a very harmful effect on the human heart and other parts of the body. In such a situation, it may be necessary to bury on Mars. However, this poses a problem. According to NASA regulations, contamination of any other planet with bacteria from Earth is strictly prohibited. No space agency has said anything about the astronauts being cannibals.

Will other astronauts eat corpses on Mars?

Experts say not all dead astronauts can be buried, but they can be eaten so other astronauts can live there. It may sound very cruel, but experts remember a plane that fell on the Andes mountain in 1972. During this time, the remaining passengers had neither food to stay alive nor means of contact, so they had to decided to eat only the dead passengers. Biologist Paul Volp says there are two ways in this regard. Although we have great respect for the corpse of a human being, it is most important to preserve life. If the only way to save your life is to eat the corpse, then that’s okay but not desirable. The Uruguayan rugby team was on board this plane. The report said if the food supply to the Mars mission was cut off, the astronauts would be starved of food very soon.

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