Mitsubishi Electric Colbora with Food Bank Christmas Campaign

These donations are part of the “COVID 19 aid plan” that the company launched last April, and through which it has already collaborated with other organizations such as SOS Children’s Villages, the Red Cross Respond Plan and Save The Children, among others. other

BY RRHH Digital, 2:07 am – December 29, 2020

Mitsubishi Electric Spanish Branch joins the Christmas campaign of the Food Bank with the free delivery of purifiers to the headquarters of the Federation in different cities of Spain, with the aim of promoting indoor air quality and promoting an environment healthier for both volunteers and people who need help.

The food banks in which the purifiers will be installed will be those of Barcelona, ​​Zaragoza, Seville, Valencia and Madrid.

In addition, the donation of these purifiers aims to supplement and alleviate current demands in terms of safety measures by action protocol, overconsumption of energy or lack of comfort that can lead to the necessary ventilation continuously in winter. .

It should be noted that every day, 1.8 million people receive help from one of the 54 Spanish food banks through one of the 8053 charities that work with them, that is to say 40% more than periods prior to the pandemic. Unfortunately, the crisis caused by Covid has dramatically increased the number of families at risk of poverty

Mitsubishi Electric’s “COVID19 aid plan”

This collaboration is in addition to those carried out a few months ago by Mitsubishi Electric with other social entities, as part of its “COVID19 assistance plan”, and which began with participation in the response plan of the Cross -Red (thanks to the approximately 1 million people were helped in the worst moments of the pandemic); Save The Children, in particular by donating air conditioning equipment to resource centers for children and adolescents in different cities of Spain, thus helping to ensure decent and safe spaces; SOS Children’s Villages, with the delivery of material, in this case, for villages, nursery schools and day centers in different cities of Spain.

To these organizations we must add the donation in educational centers and schools, the first of them to the Tierno Galvn Institute, in Parla (Madrid) and to the ASPERGER – TEA Association of SEVILLE.

Once again, Mitsubishi Electric wishes to help alleviate, in line with its commitment and corporate responsibility, the needs of those most in need and of other emergency, hospital and care services, thanking to at all times the work of the groups that are on the front line and the individual responsibility of each of us.

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