Mixed doses of coronavirus vaccine: Mixed doses of coronavirus vaccine Effectiveness: Different doses of corona virus vaccine

Trials are ongoing and extended in the UK to test the benefits of administering two different doses of the corona virus vaccine. It is hoped that immunity can be increased against the virus and its new variants and that the vaccination program can also be facilitated.

Study carried out on 800 people
According to the BBC report, people who received the first dose of Pfizer or AstraZeneca vaccine can apply to participate in the Com-Cov study. They will either receive a second dose or a dose of Moderna and Novavax.

Over 800 people participated in this study. Its results could come next month and the results of the improved campaign are expected in June or July. This study will continue for one year. While health experts believe it is safe to add vaccine supplements, any side effects of the trial will be monitored.

How safe is the vaccine?
Except in this trial, also in the common case, it is advisable to administer the first and second doses of the same vaccine. There may be a rebranding in all of this. Moderna is approved in the UK and acts as a Pfizer. Oxford-AstraZeneca works differently. However, there have been reports of blood clots forming after the Oxford and Johnson & Johnson vaccines. Vaccination has been stopped in many places for this reason.

“ The doses will have to be mixed ”
At the same time, George Gao, head of the China Center for Disease Control and Prevention, recently said, “Now we are seriously considering whether we should use different vaccines for vaccination.” According to Professor Jeremy Brown, a member of the UK Joint Vaccination and Immunization Committee, different vaccines will need to be introduced in the coming years because it will be difficult to get the same vaccine again.

Long queue for the Kovid test … In the evening, a young woman in front of the civil surgeon floated.

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