mm naravan indian army: head of indian army Narwane honored in Nepal, became honorary general – head of indian army mm narvan received honorary rank of Nepalese general

The head of the Indian army, Mr. M. Narwane, received the rank of general of the Nepalese army. Narwane was honored by Bidyadevi Bhandari, President of Nepal. The Commander-in-Chief, General KM Cariappa, was the first Indian Army chief to receive this title in 1950. Narwane arrived in Nepal for a three-day visit amid a border dispute between India and the Nepal.

Army chief will meet PM Oli
In January of last year, General Purnachandra Thapa, Chief of the Nepalese Army, received the honor of General of the Indian Army. He received this honor from President Kovind in New Delhi. Let me tell you that General Narwane will also meet Prime Minister Oli on the last day of his three-way visit. He will pay homage to the martyr’s memorial in the military pavilion, he will receive a guard of salvation.

He will hold an official meeting with his Nepalese counterpart, General Purnachandra Thapa, and address the trainee officers at the Army Command and Staff School in Shivpuri.

Honored Army Chief

Nepal angered by Narwane’s statement
In May, India built a new road between Lipulekh and Dharchula. Nepal objected, describing Lipulekh and Dharchula as their territory. Then, in August, General Narwane said in a statement that Nepal was opposing India at someone else’s request (pointing the finger at China). The Government of Nepal is unhappy with this statement.

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