Moderate daily exercise is essential for good health

Moderate daily exercise is essential for good health

30 minutes of physical activity a day is essential for maintaining and improving health. In a few minutes, five days a week, diseases are prevented and the quality of life is improved overall. On the part of companies, promoting the importance of staying active among employees is essential to achieve teams that are healthier, more satisfied with their work / personal life and with better results in the role they play.

Daily physical exercise is one way to improve cardiovascular health. It promotes the control of hypertension, by lowering blood pressure. Reduces blood cholesterol and triglycerides. Plus, it’s perfect for the control and prevention of type 2 diabetes. At more generic levels, it increases lung capacity, increases strength, stamina, and helps maintain a healthy weight.

The practice of daily physical activity also has an impact on psychological balance: it releases endorphins, thus helping to control anxiety and stress. Improves self-esteem, social relationships, memory, increases brain capacity and protects against cognitive decline. Finally, it activates productivity, increasing the energy of those who practice it.

These are just a few of the reasons why daily physical activity is essential for good health. WellWo is clear about this and that is why, in their workplace health platform, they have sport as one of the basic pillars for having overall health. Help companies to integrate among their employees, tools to lead a healthier life for the individual good of the worker and for the commitment to their company.

The platform includes physical activity programs from different disciplines where, step by step, how to perform the proposed exercises are explained. It includes active breaks of a few minutes, to be taken on or outside of work. In addition, WellWo presents daily live classes in different disciplines, as if it were a conventional gymnasium. Yoga, GAP, toning, Pilates, hypopressors, Hiit, abdominals, TBC and many more.

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