Moderna Corona Virus Vaccine Price

When the vaccine comes against the corona virus epidemic that has caused panic around the world for almost a year, people are eyeing it, even at the cost of an effective and safe vaccine. US pharmaceutical company Moderna Inc has reported that governments will have to pay 25 (1,854) to $ 37 (2,744) per dose for their corona virus vaccine. The quantity of vaccine ordered by governments, the price will also be decided on this basis. This information was provided by the CEO of the company, Stephen Bainsall. With that, he said the price of the vaccine will be equal to the flu shot which is between $ 10 and $ 50.

Speak with the European Commission

The European Commission wants to deal with Moderna for the vaccine. Deals are made to purchase less than $ 25 for millions of doses. Bainsall said nothing final has been done yet but talks are ongoing. He said the company is keen to deliver results in Europe and discussions continue in a positive direction. The deal has been underway between the two since July.

The most efficient

Previously, Moderna had reported that her vaccine was 94.5% effective in stopping Kovid-19. The announcement was ultimately made based on interim data from stage clinical trials. Apart from Moderna, only Pfizer has given such success. Moderna’s vaccine is also based on the same mRNA technique as the Pfizer vaccine. Moderna’s vaccine produced antibodies in young and old, which acted against the virus.

Pfizer seeks FDA approval

Pfizer has applied to the U.S. regulatory authority for permission to use its Corona virus vaccine in an emergency. It is believed that after this procedure, a limited number of vaccine supplements could be ready next month. The company said that with protection from the virus and without serious side effects, the vaccine can seek approval for use from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). After that, its final test can also be performed.

Will the Oxford vaccine come at Christmas?

Professor Andrew Pollard, head of the vaccine trial at the University of Oxford and AstraZeneca, said the team expects the vaccine to be approved by Christmas. He says it will be 10 times cheaper than Pfizer. In fact, the Pfizer vaccine should be stored at -70 ° C and two injections will be given with a difference of a few weeks. Oxford vaccine should be stored at refrigerator temperature.

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