Moderna Coronavirus Vaccine Reaction: Moderna Corona Virus Vaccine Applied, Severe Reaction to American Doctor – Moderna Covid 19 Vaccine US Boston Cancer Doctor Becomes First Person in World to Have Severe Reaction

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Dr Hussain was allergic to the severe reaction after applying the vaccine to Dr Hussein Sadrzadeh Moderna in the United States, and his body had a severe reaction after applying the vaccine. Now just 5 days before Moderna’s Corona virus vaccine was approved in Washington.
Cancer Doctor Hussein Sadrzadeh has become the first person in the world to become the first person in the city of Boston to suffer a severe reaction after the modernization of the Corona virus vaccine. Dr Hussain was allergic and after applying the vaccine he had a severe reaction in his body. Just 5 days ago, Moderna’s Corona virus vaccine was approved in the United States.

At Boston Medical Center, cancer doctor Hussain applied the Corona vaccine on Christmas Eve, and after that, he started to spin and his beats increased as well. This is the first case of reaction after approval of Moderna’s vaccine. On the other hand, federal agencies in the United States are investigating at least 6 cases that reacted after Pfizer received the vaccine against the Corona virus.

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“Language numbered after the vaccine”
Dr Hussain also said that after the vaccine he felt numb and stiff in his tongue while his blood pressure also dropped. He said, “It was a hypersensitivity reaction that I felt even while eating shellfish. I don’t want anybody to face this kind of crisis. Dr Hussain immediately received EpiPen medication and took him to the emergency room. A few hours later, he was released.

He said that as a human being and a doctor my main concern is that I have to tell people this… If a person has an allergic reaction then they should take the EpiPen drug with them. Let me tell you that the American biotech company Moderna has claimed that its vaccine should also work on the new strain of Corona virus. The company said it plans to conduct tests to confirm the impact of its vaccine against any strain. Moderna’s statement comes at a time when the UK government is considering implementing tougher restrictions due to the new strain of the corona virus.

Moderna’s vaccine was found to be 94% effective
Like Pfizer, Moderna’s vaccine should be stored at a very low temperature. It is a vaccine based on mRNA technology and has been shown to be effective up to 94.5%. Moderna said the price for his vaccine was between $ 32 and $ 37 per dose. On large orders, this price may fall further. However, it would be very difficult for middle and low income countries to confirm this vaccine.

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