Moderna halves the doses of its vaccine scheduled for delivery to Spain in February

Publication: Tuesday, February 16, 2021 11:47

Spain will receive around 200,000 doses of Moderna’s COVID-19 vaccine, half of those it was originally expected to receive this week. Although this reduction, which affects the entire EU, will be offset in March.

This is revealed by sources from the Ministry of Health to EFE, who indicated that this reduction will affect the next shipment. A situation that will force the autonomous communities to review their vaccination schedules, especially with regard to second doses. However, the same sources specify at the level of the second doses that there will be no problem as you can wait to receive it more than four weeks after the first puncture and as more doses will arrive in March, the reduction will be compensated.

The first doses of Moderna arrived in mid-January (35,700), being the second vaccine to arrive in our country, after Pfizer. With an effectiveness of 94%, it is applied in two separate doses of 28 days.

Like Pfizer’s, Moderna’s vaccine is licensed for people 55 years of age and older. This makes these two vaccines, both based on messenger RNA, the only options available to people over 55.

So far, Moderna, Pfizer and the recently incorporated Astrazeneca are the only vaccines applied in Spain.

Vaccination slows down

According to the latest health data, the vaccination rate with the two doses against COVID-19 from Pfizer and Moderna serums has slowed since Friday after adding 69,606 people, compared to more than 100,000 vaccinated with the completed guideline during the same period Last week. The health count shows that those vaccinated with both doses amounted to 1,070,091.

The number of doses administered of the three vaccines authorized in the autonomous communities is 2,561,608, 87.9% of the 2,914,755 that Health has distributed to date, to which must be added the 483,000 from Pfizer announced this Monday for Health .

As for the AstraZeneca vaccine, 25,628 people aged 18 to 55, belonging to the groups foreseen in the vaccination plans, have already received their first dose. In terms of the number of doses inoculated compared to those delivered by Health, Aragon (98.5%), the Canaries (95.6%) and Cantabria (95.2%) lead the vaccination rate.

New vaccines to come

In the coming months, three new vaccines will land in Spain. On the one hand, that of Janssen, of which we have about 40 million doses. A figure similar to those which would come from Curevac and Novavax, even if the contract is not yet closed. It could be an additional ten million, with the possibility of increasing to ten more. In total, more than 100 million doses. Of these three, the first to get clearance would be Janssen’s, as one would expect in the first half of March.

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