“Moderna is the one that causes the most adverse reactions”

Publication: Sunday March 14, 2021 10:21 AM

Dr César Carballo has shown using data from FEDRA (Pharmacovigilance of Adverse Reactions), that the AstraZeneca vaccine is the one with “the lowest rate of adverse effects”. “It is curious that if we asked the question to the public, they would tell us, without a doubt, that AstraZeneca is the vaccine with the most side effects. However, it is not like that”, defended the doctor on his Twitter profile.

Thus, he ensured that, in reality, “Moderna’s vaccine is the one with the highest rate of adverse reactions, while AstraZeneca has the lowest,” a statement which was accompanied by data from FEDRA on side effects: “Pfizer: 204 notifications per 100,000 doses; Moderna: 332 per 100,000; and AstraZeneca: 69 per 100,000”. “How curious, right?” Commented on the question.

Precisely this Saturday, on LaSexta Noche, Carballo warned that behind the “bad press” of AstraZeneca there may be economic reasons. In this sense, the doctor said the vaccine controversy goes “beyond medical questions”. “It’s the cheapest vaccine and it’s one of the companies that refused to make a profit; it sells it at cost. Too much bad press and too much news from AstraZeneca,” criticized Carballo.

In addition, he sent a message to health advisers to consider suspending the vaccination campaign, which could result in “criminal liability”, an intervention which can be seen in this video.

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