Moderna vaccine: Now America will approve Moderna’s corona vaccine, know when it hits the market – moderna vaccine is highly protective and prevents severe Covid-19, FDA to grant emergency clearance

The United States is preparing to approve the second model of the corona virus vaccine soon. It is believed that emergency use of this vaccine may be cleared at the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) meeting on Friday. New data from the company has also claimed that this vaccine is highly protective against the corona virus. A few days after the vaccine is approved, it will be delivered to hospitals for vaccination.

This vaccine is 94.1% effective against Corona

The FDA review also confirmed that the vaccine showed a 94.1% effect in 30,000 people during clinical trials. Although side effects such as fever, headache and fatigue were seen after the introduction of this vaccine, scientists did not consider it dangerous. Explain that once the vaccine is approved, vaccination work will begin in America, the country most affected by Corona.

Vaccination can start from December 21

Moderna CEO Stephen Bansell said the vaccine would hit the market by December 21 if the process went smoothly and was approved. Moderna unveiled its data announced Monday in its application. In which the vaccine has been declared effective. The company claimed that all the necessary scientific criteria were met during the trial.

Modern’s Corona Vaccine Will Be Expensive

Like Pfizer, Moderna’s vaccine should be stored at a very low temperature. It is a vaccine based on mRNA technology and has been shown to be effective up to 94.5%. Moderna said the price for her vaccine was between $ 32 and $ 37 per dose. On large orders, this price may fall further. However, it would be very difficult for middle and low income countries to confirm this vaccine.

Modarna’s stock has grown rapidly

Moderna’s claim that the vaccine is coming into effect has led to a sharp increase in its stockpile. Moderna stock had gained around 7% thanks to this news. Buyers are also excited about the company’s actions.

The Pfizer vaccine has been installed in America since Monday

Pfizer’s Corona vaccination campaign was launched in the United States since Monday. It is said to be the largest vaccination campaign in American history. Pfizer-BioNtech’s dose of Corona virus vaccine is first administered to U.S. health workers. Let’s say three lakh people have died in the US so far due to the Corona virus. The United States also ranks first in the world in terms of infectious products.

Immunization guidelines have arrived, know what’s going to happen

Immunization guidelines have arrived, know what’s going to happen

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