Modis launches the “ Modis Academy ”, the free training school for IT and engineering professionals

Modis launches the “ Modis Academy ”, the free training school for IT and engineering professionals

Despite the more than 3.9 million registered unemployed in our country, around 9% of published vacancies are currently left vacant in companies and 8 out of 10 companies admit having difficulties in finding talent, a percentage which has exploded again. more than 30 percentage points in the last 5 years.

A few weeks ago, Adecco, the world leader in human resources management, published this data in the report on deficit profiles and talent shortages in Spain, where they ensured that the technology profiles were in deficit in almost all regions and for all positions offered. The strong demand for these profiles is transversal to any sector, they benefit from full employment and have a high labor turnover rate.

In this context, Modis, the Adecco group company dedicated to providing IT and engineering outsourcing services in more than 20 countries around the world, has activated a program to bridge the gap between academic preparation and the skills required by students. companies. From IT and engineering sector: Modis Tech Academy.

Modis Academy is looking for the recruitment, training and hiring of young talents for projects in the Modis area. It is a retraining and skills upgrading program focused on training IT and engineering professionals through specific skills training and certification.

The aim is to offer educational and employment promotion opportunities that help participants obtain a higher level of education with a wide range of efficient services in all their sectors.

When selecting candidates, this will be done in a demanding manner since students have to meet a series of requirements which are essential for them to receive the appropriate training where it is crucial that they have in-depth knowledge of the IT industry.

The main functions that they will develop throughout the course will be: the development of applications and third-party software created with Big Data-oriented technologies, infrastructure management, administration of Cloud systems, etc. In addition, students will be able to take the course in two ways: hybrid and face-to-face.

In addition, Modis Academy has joined forces with various technology partners and industry-leading partners. Through them, candidates gain experience of working on a wide range of individual and collaborative projects. In these courses, the candidate will be trained with experts on specific content defined by the client. In addition, the study plan will include practical exercises, similar to real scenarios of future projects that the student will be a part of in the future.

For university graduates looking for entry-level software development opportunities in the market, Modis Academy offers a requalification program. This program offers experience to provide an educational opportunity and a path for career advancement.

According to Pilar Garrido, Modis Academy Product Manager: “At Modis, we are firmly committed to technology and people. For this reason, we have defined a very effective training model that will help us reduce the gap between employees and vacancies in technology and employ thousands of people in the years to come for current projects and to help professionals and companies to be better prepared for the future ”.

Modis Academy courses

Modis Academy offers a series of courses such as Product Manager, Full Stack, CRM Solutions, Digital or Engineering. The courses will be delivered in two different ways: scheduled by Modis or activated at the customer’s request. Classes will be delivered in person and remotely in a lifestreaming manner. To participate in these courses, the student must register with his personal data on the site:

The Modis Academy aims to help bridge the gap between academic studies and the skills most in demand by companies in the IT and technology industries. The young graduates will be selected by telephone interviews, they will have to pass a group assessment in addition to a personal interview. Students will undergo intensive training lasting four to five weeks. The conditions necessary to be part of Modis Academy will be compulsory attendance in class. In addition, the motivation of the student will be taken into account during the selection process. Students will be able to make the most of the training opportunities while continuing to work. The program is a full-time experience aimed at providing an opportunity for education and career advancement. The training of these courses will last 160 hours.

Thanks to Modis Academy, you are part of the Modis Talent program, which allows you to work on stimulating and innovative projects in the company, after intensive and vertical training. With this project, they will also be trained in leadership, communication, public speaking and teamwork skills.

In principle, these courses will take place in mixed mode or remotely via I-cloud (live). The idea is to centralize this training in Madrid and Barcelona, ​​where the jobs will be located. Modis Academy aims to employ nearly a hundred people on its own projects.

The main advantages for the worker are that they will benefit from free training with high added value in the market, access to work at Modis and access to the labor market with more preparation and adaptation than ‘outside the university.

On the other hand, the client who hires Modis services will have a partner who guarantees the knowledge and quality of the service, the ability to plan the services with an accurate time to market and the ability to scale up their capabilities quickly and easily.

The Modis Academy is presented today in Spain, which is confirmed by its international experience. In 2019, Modis Academy at international level launched 27 academies as Data Analyst, SAS Data Scientist, Software Engineering, Java Developer, Frontend Developer, PHP and Cyber ​​Security, in these academies, around 240 people with profiles technico-scientists participated.

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