Modular Surface could be a reality according to the latest patent

The Surface product line has gone from being closed by some to being very relevant. In addition, Surface products are characterized by being different in some cases. A product different from what is on the market and which creates a trend or a characteristic of the product.

Just see how Surface Pro led the way and devices like Studio, Book, Neo, or Duo have gained attention for their atypical approach. Now, it looks like Microsoft is preparing another leap that would change the way we work with our Surface device, we would move to modularity.

A patent speaks of a possible modular surface

First of all, remember that this is a patent and it may never see the light of day. However, Microsoft’s proposal is interesting and deserves some relevance, in the past the Surface Duo was only a patent. After all, the Surface Pro hasn’t revamped its design in the past four years. What do we need to change screen if we can update its RAM, SSD or battery independently.

This has already been tried in the past with Google’s so-called Project Ara, inherited from Motorola. In the end, he failed miserably and did not see the sunlight. But Microsoft’s proposal goes from an aesthetic field to possible module changes.

We’ve already seen how their latest Surface devices make it possible to remove and replace the SSD, which is surprising in devices with these features. This would go further in the customization of the equipment.

The Surface Laptop 3 and the Pro X already allow you to change the SSD. Even the Surface Laptop 3 could give us greater repairability from an absolute zero to an approved scratch.

Yes, this is something very complicated, but it would totally differentiate Microsoft from the rest of the hardware manufacturers in the world. This is something the Panos Panay division has always loved, differentiating itself and setting trends. We’ll see if this patent goes from paper to reality or adds to the countless patents that have never ceased to be an idea or a concept.

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