Moebius launches the first study on teleworking in Spanish companies


Moebius launches the first study on teleworking in Spanish companies

BY RRHHDigital, 01:30 – 10 November 2020

Without a doubt, the spread of telecommuting in businesses is one of the biggest changes COVID-19 has brought to our lives. Many companies have quickly adapted to the new environment and have a large part of their team work remotely

Although many managers have adopted this new way of working, many continue to be suspicious of its efficiency and believe that productivity suffers and workers end up with terrible Burn Out Syndrome ”.

It is true? Is teleworking incompatible with the efficiency and quality of management? Is teleworking a passing fad or is it consolidating in the practice of Spanish companies?

To answer this question and others, Moebius Consulting, a company specializing in the digital transformation of organizations by people, has launched the first study on teleworking in Spanish companies.

Agustn Rosety, managing partner of the company, assures that they expect to receive “enough data to observe what is happening in this time that we live but to know how teleworking in Spain will evolve and what changes companies must undertake to ensure its implementation. be a success.

If you would like to participate in the study, you can do so by clicking here: ​​-a-business-en-2021 /

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