Mogoeng Mogoeng: South Africa’s Chief Justice says Corona vaccine ‘devil’s vaccine’, says – it will spoil DNA – South Africa’s Chief Justice Mogoeng Mogoeng called the Covid-19 vaccine to be of the devil

South African Chief Justice Mogoing Mogoing has made a controversial statement regarding the corona virus vaccine. He said that the vaccine that spreads enthusiasm around the world came from Satan. His statement has been criticized by many scientists. Scientists believe this statement from such an influential person may cause confusion among people. The Chief Justice, while defending his statement, said it was an independent country and I could not be silenced.

Video goes viral on social media
A video is becoming increasingly viral on social media, in which Judge Mogoing is seen praying in a church. Meanwhile, he claims the vaccine will damage people’s DNA. He said in his prayer that I do not withdraw from any vaccine that is not on your side (of God). If there is a vaccine, it’s from the devil, whose purpose is to bring the triple six (the sign of the devil) into people’s lives and it will spoil their DNA ….. Such a vaccine, oh God, Jesus Christ Destroy the fire in the name of

Scientists criticized the chief justice’s statement
Scientists and others are angry with these discussions about Mogoing, and say that such discussions on behalf of an influential person like Mogoing can confuse those waiting for a vaccine. Barry Schoob, professor of virology at the University of Wits, said it was very unfortunate that someone of his stature was cheating on people because vaccines are such an important part of controlling the outbreak. It is unfortunate that such an influential person resists attempts to control her.

The judge said – this free country I cannot be silenced
Human rights organization Africa 4 Palstein also condemned Mogoing’s declaration. At the same time, the judge dismissed criticism of her comment on the vaccine and said on a TV show Friday morning that she had the right to express her opinion. He said it was an independent country. I cannot be silenced. I am not worried about the results.

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