Moncloa denies the PP and assures that Podemos will participate in the election of the members of the CGPJ

The negotiation to renew the General Judicial Council (CGPJ) could pose a new obstacle in the coalition government, although from Moncloa they clearly indicate that they will not leave Podemos on the sidelines of this, while the PP assures that the purple formation is not found in these conversations and will not participate in the election.

As LaSexta has learned, the government insists on its “coherence” and the fact that it is a coalition executive, so “there will be members on the proposal of United We Can”. In this way, they deny Teodoro García Egea, who stressed that Pablo Iglesias will not participate in this negotiation. “The arsonist cannot choose the firefighter,” the ‘COPE’ channel said.

Meanwhile, the executive acknowledges that it is difficult to reach an agreement in the coming days and says United We can choose two members of the bench, although this is not written. As for a future meeting between Pedro Sánchez and Pablo Iglesias, they clearly indicate that this week must take place, even if in this sense there is nothing closed.

The “popular” did not express themselves in the same way, stressing that “Podemos is on the sidelines of any conversation to renew” this body because “it is the right way”. “He will not be there and he will not have a world in this renewal because he has a pact with Sánchez, not with the PP”, declared the general secretary of the PP.

“Sánchez has a pact with Podemos because he wants it. Before, we thought he was forced to maintain the coalition, but Pablo Casado reached out to make state pacts, and now we know that is a free decision for Sánchez that Iglesias is in government, ”added Egea.

Likewise, the “popular” leader assured that the PSOE “accepted the condition” that the purple formation “has nothing to do with this negotiation”. In fact, the negotiations are led by the Minister of Justice, Juan Carlos Campo, of the PSOE, and by the PP, Enrique López, secretary of justice of the formation.

After these statements, the secretary of the organization of the PSOE, José Luis Ábalos, addressed Egea to remind him that the PP talks are being conducted with “the government, and not with the PSOE party”. “And we already know who is on the executive,” added the Minister of Transport, who also stressed that “if they really want to depoliticize the body, it has to be both ways”.

For its part, the CGPJ postponed the eight appointments that it expected this week in plenary session because of the possibility of an agreement for their renewal. This was transferred to laSexta, indicating that on this occasion there was not the necessary quorum for the election to be made by a large majority, as in previous nominations.

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