monk snake shelter in the monastery: cobra, python, consider vipers as “ child ” Buddhist monks have built a “ snake house ” monastery – monks in Myanmar consider snakes while their children provide shelter at the monastery

People run away when they see poisonous snakes, but there is also a Buddhist monk in Myanmar who not only saves the lives of these snakes and gives them shelter in their home, but loves them too. They also take care of themselves. The name of this Buddhist monk is Vilatha. Buddhist monks have so far saved hundreds of snake lives. If Buddhist monks did not save the lives of these snakes, then these snakes would be killed or they would be sold on the black market. Snakes whose lives were saved by Wiltha include from dragon to cobra. Let’s know the whole history of the Buddhist monk …

Valitha said snakes are like a child to me

The monastery of this Buddhist monk is located in Seikata Thukha Teto Rangoon. After returning to the snakes about 5 years ago, a large number of local people and government agencies bring the snakes to a Buddhist monk. Wilatha said: “When people catch snakes, they will probably try to find buyers.” He said that these snakes are like his “child”. This is why Buddhist monks take full care of these dangerous snakes. Valitha said that instead of selling or killing snakes in predominantly Buddhist Myanmar, people give them to a beggar and consider him perfect.

Snakes smuggled into China and Thailand

Valitha said that by saving the lives of snakes, he was helping to save the natural ecological scene. Myanmar, a country in Southeast Asia, has become the hub of wildlife trafficking. Activists working for wildlife conservation say the snakes are being transported from Myanmar to neighboring countries of China and Thailand. The Burmese or Burmese pythons, considered extremely invasive in many countries around the world, have been declared “dangerous”. Kalyar Platt, who works for wildlife, said: ‘Usually people stick around for a long time causing stress inside the snakes.

In the Buddhist monastery, donations receive food from snakes

Kalyar Plot said that today there is a need for these snakes to be released into the forest as soon as possible. Valitha said she received a donation of around $ 300 to feed the snakes, which allowed her to continue working. He said that these snakes are kept in his monastery until he feels it needs to be done. These snakes are released when they are ready to enter the forest. Recently, he expressed his joy at the release of a snake in Hulgawa National Park, but at the same time, he was also afraid of being caught.

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