Monolith appears in California: Monolith: A mysterious mysterious pole in California after Utah, Romania, questions asked about aliens – Utah Romania now a mysterious monolith appears in California Questions about aliens

The monolith was revealed once again in the American desert of Utah. The metallic pole has now appeared in California (Monolith appears in California) after the United States disappeared from Utah and Romania. According to local media, this metal pillar was found on top of a pine mountain in California. Right next to this mountain is the town of Atascadero. After appearing in Utah, Romania and now California, this mysterious metal pole, he wonders if it’s planted by aliens or if anyone is joking. Let’s understand the whole question….

Metal post 10 feet high, 18 inches wide

Atasaccadero News from California said in its report, “This metal pillar made up of three sides looks like steel which is 10 feet high and 18 inches wide. This pillar has been carved from every corner and it shines from afar. Nails were placed at each corner. It is believed that this pillar was not buried in the ground and can be uprooted by force. It is not yet known who placed this pillar on top of the mountain. This whole area is the center of tourist attraction and a large number of people post photos about it on social networks. The newspaper said local authorities were aware of the installation of the metal pole.

Pole seen in Romania after Romania

Earlier in November, a 12-foot-tall metal pole was discovered in the Utah desert. After its discovery, discussions between ordinary people and researchers intensified where it came from. It began to be described from the art of performing to the manual labor of the alien. However, he disappeared a few days later. 24 hours after its disappearance, the pole appeared in Romania, in Europe. Now that pole has disappeared from there too and has appeared in California, United States. The pillar in Romania measured about 2.8 meters. Local journalist Robert Isab said the pillar found in the old fort was stealthily planted, it was removed. He said that an unknown person, probably the local welder, may have built it and now its place is just a pit.

How the Utah Pole went, the curtain began to rise from the Raj

Meanwhile, the curtain began to rise on the secrecy of the pillar’s disappearance in the Utah desert. Sylvan Christenson, a tour guide, claimed on social media that he, along with three people, removed the 12-foot pole. These people posted a video about it and also wrote, “If you don’t want someone to take your property away from you, don’t leave it. Christenson said in a conversation with DailyMail: “We took the Utah Pole out because there are ways to determine how we are using our public lands, natural wildlife, local trees, water resources. ” This mystery was an illusion and we want people to see the problem behind it, we are losing our public land, such things don’t help.

There is also a mention of the secret pillar of metal in Hollywood movies.

Previously, a similar metal pillar was mentioned in Arthur C. Chlorc’s book, based on scientific imagination from 1968. Later, a movie was also made on this book. This showed that the aliens had placed such metal poles to contact other aliens in space. This metallic pillar is shown in this book and this film which sparked the intelligence of a prehistoric tribe on earth. This development resulted in the development of man today. After the deployment of these metal poles, the discussion of this book also became very quick.

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