Monolith in the desert: Metal pole found in the middle of the now deserted desert, people say ‘aliens are taken back’ – Utah monolith disappeared after hitting internet with theories

A metal pole suddenly found two weeks ago in the remote desert of southeastern Utah, United States, is now missing. The state crew saw the object from the helicopter on November 18. Finding a pillar twice the size of the average person had become a topic of discussion around the world. The Federal Bureau of Spatial Planning or the State Department of Public Security have not received any information about his appearance or disappearance.

“We have received reports that illegally installed structures have been removed by an unknown party,” the state agency posted on its website on Saturday. The ministry says there are reports of this pillar being removed on Friday. No representative has yet commented on this. The interesting thing is the way the aliens moved around here planting it, they backed it up.

There was also speculation that famous artist John McCracken had planted it. John died, and according to his son John had told him in 2002 that he wanted to leave his works in remote areas where he would be discovered later.

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