Monolith Mystery: Monolith: Mysterious, mysterious pillar seen near ancient site in Turkey, agencies investigate – mysterious monolith appears in Turkey near Gobekli Tepe World Heritage site

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The secret section of the metal was first seen in the United States from Utah last year. Now Turkish authorities have deployed armed police to protect this pillar and are investigating that this metal pillar is informed that a farmer found Ankara in southeastern Sanliurfa Province on Friday.
The mysterious pillar of the metal, which was first seen last year in Utah America, is now seen in Turkey. Turkish authorities have deployed armed police to protect the pillar and are engaged in an investigation into the whole case. It is said that a metal pillar was discovered on Friday by a farmer in the southeastern province of Sanliurfa. On this pillar, written in the ancient language of Turkey, “Look at the sky, look at the moon.”

This metal pillar found in Turkey is around 10 feet tall and was found near Gobekli Tepe, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Gobekli has a structure from the megalithic period. Turkish police are investigating the presence of this pillar. Local media reported that Turkish media were looking at CCTV footage and looking for the vehicle by which it had been delivered.
Mysterious Utah metal pole now featured in Romania
12-foot-tall metal pole found in the Utah desert
So far, such mysterious metal poles have appeared in more than 10 countries. Earlier in November of last year, a 12-foot-tall metal pole was discovered in the Utah desert. After its discovery, discussions between ordinary people and researchers intensified where it came from. It began to be described from the art of performing to the manual labor of the alien. However, he disappeared a few days later. 24 hours after the disappearance, the pole was shown in Romania, in Europe.

A similar metal pillar is also mentioned in the 1968 Arthur Arthur book, based on scientific imagination. Later, a film was made on this book as well. This showed that the aliens had placed such metal poles to contact other aliens in space. This metallic pillar is shown in this book and this film which sparked the intelligence of a prehistoric tribe on earth. This development resulted in the development of man today. After the deployment of these metal poles, the discussion of this book also became very quick.

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