monolith news: monolith news: the mysterious metal pole seen in congo, people scared by aliens are afraid – the monolith appears in dr congo destroyed by the crowd who feared aliens or illuminati

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The mysterious pillar of metal that first appeared in America has now reached Africa. On Wednesday in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, this metal pillar was seen so much that people were so afraid that they destroyed it by setting it on fire.
The mysterious pillar of the metal, which was first discovered in Utah, USA, has now reached Africa. In the Democratic Republic of the Congo, this metal pillar was seen on Wednesday, but the people there were so scared that they destroyed it by setting it on fire. This secret 12-foot metal pillar was seen on Sunday in the Bandal district of the capital Kinshasa.

After the metal pillars or monoliths were put on display, the people of the Congo started taking selfies with them and debating their origins. Later, they set this monilith on fire and destroyed it. The phenomenon of the secret pillars of metal has appeared in 10 countries so far. The market for discussions on this subject is hot. According to a BBC report, people destroyed the monolith to find out what was in it.
Monolith: Mysterious mysterious pillar seen near ancient site in Turkey, agencies involved in investigation
‘Surprised to see the triangular shape’
A local citizen from Kishansa said that when I woke up I saw a triangular metal pillar. We were surprised to see its triangular shape because we had seen such mysterious things in the documentary itself earlier. Earlier in August of last year, there were reports of a UFO landing in the dense forests in the northern part of the country. He was later revealed to be Google’s internet balloon.

Just a few days ago, a mysterious pillar was sighted in Turkey. This metal pillar was discovered by a farmer in the country’s southeastern Sanliurfa province. On this pillar, written in the ancient language of Turkey, “Look at the sky, look at the moon.” This metal pole, found in Turkey, was about 10 feet tall and was found near Gobekli Tepe, a UNESCO World Heritage site. Gobekli has a megalithic period structure. Turkish police are investigating the presence of this pillar.

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