Montero charges Ayuso with “nonsense” that he wants to involve the king in the pardons of the prisoners on trial

Updated: Tuesday, June 15, 2021 4:13 PM

Published: 06/15.2021 4:12 PM

The government was quick to respond to Isabel Díaz Ayuso after declaring that Pedro Sánchez’s executive was trying to put Felipe VI in a “trap” by signing pardons on the prisoners in the trial. Concretely, the president of the Community of Madrid recently assured that “whether the king signs or not, whatever he does, is in question” on this question. Moreover, she reaffirmed herself by noting that the leader of her party, Pablo Casado, thinks the same as she does.

A few words which did not sit at all well in the central government. This was shown by the spokesperson and Minister of Finance, María Jesús Montero, who, during a press conference, did not hesitate to harshly criticize Díaz Ayuso for such statements, calling them ” nonsense “by dint” of trying to correct and not to transfer it was a mistake. “

“We are making a mess of something as simple as this Ayuso made a statement that either he was trying to question the head of state about his constitutional obligations I don’t know if out of ignorance or he was trying to involve the crown, something ruled out by the constitutional role it plays, ”denounced the minister.

For Montero, it is even less logical that this declaration was made public “within the framework of a march which sought to defend the Constitution”. “We can not go to a place, hypothetically, to defend the Constitution and that there, a leader of the PP asks the king not to comply”, brandished Montero, who qualified that “it is a mad world and no it is understood that the president of the PP does not stop him … “.

On the other hand, he thinks it was as “easy” as “admit the mistake, period”. Thus, he insisted on the fact that he did not understand very well the maneuvers of the PP in relation to this question: “It seems that he is calling on the Head of State to violate the Constitution”. For this reason, Montero demanded that the crown be left “out of political disputes.”

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