Montero, on the King Emeritus: “Taxpayers must fulfill their obligations, wherever they come from”

Publication: Wednesday, December 9, 2020 2:04 PM

The Minister of Finance assures us that they are working “so that all taxpayers comply with their obligations, come where they come from and live where they live”. This is how she responds when asked about the information of the last few days, on the decision of Juan Carlos I to submit a voluntary declaration to regularize his tax situation before the Tax Agency.

María Jesús Montero insisted that the government respects all judicial inquiries and showed its willingness to collaborate with the judicial authorities: “Collaboration of the tax administration so that the action of justice can be effective” and declared that she will not talk about any taxpayer.

“Each case has certain circumstances” and he then recalled that the law “is absolutely the same for everyone” and does not make any distinction on the rank of the person under investigation “, clarified the spokesperson for the minister.

On whether the royal house should rule, the government “has no opinion” and it corresponds, he said, to the royal house to rule on the king emeritus and “whether he deems it good “, he will say it when” he deems it good “. Regarding the letter that several retired former soldiers wrote to Felipe VI, “we are not going to assess what the king wants to transfer”.

“We have an absolute separation of the functions which correspond to us and it is for the Royal Household to decide on matters which have to do with the King Emeritus or questions of inquiries on persons connected with the Royal House. We respect and let us collaborate in the legal proceedings. What the Royal House or the King has to say, they will take up when they deem it appropriate “, he declared.

According to the newspaper El País, King Juan Carlos wishes to regularize more than 500,000 euros of opaque funds allegedly spent over three different years, between 2016 and 2018, when he was no longer protected by inviolability. In addition, he would consider going to Spain to spend Christmas.

Apparently, and according to this newspaper, Don Juan Carlos’ legal team met with Treasury officials to inform them of a proposal for the tax regularization of foreign funds, from Mexican businessman Allen Sanginés-Krause, friend of emeritus. The same newspaper pointed out on Tuesday that the bank where Corinna Larsen received 65 million euros from Juan Carlos I questioned the origin of the money.

The King Emeritus, who left Spain last August and has since resided in the United Arab Emirates as a guest of Sheikh Mohamed Bin Zayed, is waiting for prosecutor Juan Ignacio Campos, who is leading the three investigations opened by the prosecution into his activities. financial statements, file investigations or file a complaint.

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