Monumental anger at the Assembly of Ceuta between Vox and PP at the cry of “fascists” and “traitors”

Publication: Thursday, May 27, 2021 2:22 PM

The plenary session of the Ceuta Assembly ended today with a monumental fight with tensions, insults and disqualifications between Vox and the Popular Party.

It all started when, in the middle of the debate on the placement of a roundabout, the spokesperson for Vox presented to the camera the issue of the massive arrival of migrants in the city, which he called ” invasion”.

President Vivas responded by assuring that they were entering politics to “provoke” and defended that the visit “of Spanish President” Pedro Sánchez was essential to end the border crisis promoted last week by Morocco. “The president of the government put an end to this and he has my gratitude, whether it is from the PP, the PSOE, Vox or whoever it is. If the state had not come today, he would have It was impossible to hold this plenary session because we had 12,000 people in the streets and 15,000 other people willing to enter, ”he warned.

Tensions heated up in the hemicycle and the president was forced to suspend the Plenary for half an hour after a cross of insults between Carlos Verdejo (Vox) and the Minister of the Environment, Yamal Dris (PP) .

All provoked by the words of MP Vox in response to MDyC spokesperson Fatima Hamed, who accused him of wanting to ignite the debate. “To set fire is to propose to declare persona non grata the president of the first party of this city, which is Vox. You will never have a deputy in Madrid like us, in any case you will have one in Morocco”, replied Verdejo (Vox).

It was then that Yamal Dris (PP) got up from his seat and addressed the far-right spokesperson: “You are a villain and you cannot with this type of people. , you are a fascist! “

“While we were defending Ceuta and Spain, you because you were doing something else burn Ceuta to the greater glory of its backward and outmoded populism,” Dris said. “Mr. Verdejo wants provocation, alteration and tension; he wants to set fire, let’s not put gasoline on the fire,” he asked the rest of the spokespersons, sometimes referred to as “fifth columnists”, ” pro-Moroccans “and” traitors “by Vox.

In addition, Vivas remarked that “the homeland does not belong to Vox, it belongs to all Spaniards, and they cannot be discriminated against, excluded or refused because they have another religion, another race or a other culture “. “Spain and all the great regions are built on respect, support and defense of human rights, which do not distinguish human beings by their race or their religion,” he added.

Finally, Vivas called for “unity to defend Spanish, coexistence and trust, to defend Ceuta and Spain, which is not Vox, is diverse, plural and welcoming”: “Ceuta, c ‘is Spain, but all of Ceuta, not just the one you love: the Ceuta that you want, that of exclusion, that of discrimination, that of marginalization, it has no future. “

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