Moon gold rush

Today America and China compete fiercely in the space world. During the last week of April, China sent the first module to its native space station. It is believed that China wants to challenge US domination in space through this station. In addition, these two countries are now vying for the moon. China has hoisted its flag by landing on the moon more than four times in the past decade. At the same time, America is the only country to have sent a man to the moon. On December 14, 1972, NASA astronaut Eugene Cernan flew to Earth from the lunar surface aboard the Apollo 17 Challenger lunar module. Since then, no country has sent a man to the moon. . Now, China is preparing to begin the mission to send astronauts to the moon as soon as its space station is active. It’s not that China wants to send humans to the moon, but America, Russia, India, Canada and South Korea are also in this race.

Why do these countries want to reach the moon as soon as possible?

Many precious metals are present beneath the desolate and desolate surface of the Moon. It is believed that treasures of gold and platinum are buried just below the lunar surface. Apart from this, many other metals found on earth like titanium, uranium, iron are also available in abundance. Some also claim that there are many of Earth’s rarest metals on the Moon that will power the next generation of electronics. This is the reason why all countries want to reach this desert, harsh and inhuman climate satellite as quickly as possible. A significant amount of non-radioactive helium gas is also available on the Moon. This gas could one day fuel nuclear fusion reactors on Earth. Experts even claim that water is also present on the Moon. A day will come when there will be competition between all countries for water from this satellite.

Countries want to dig in space by setting up settlements

According to experts, the world’s superpowers are planning to establish colonies on the moon. With this in mind, China has launched its lunar exploration program by working on a long-term plan. Its goal is to establish a permanent base on the Moon by 2036. China wants to use titanium, uranium, iron and water from the Moon to make rockets. This space rocket manufacturing plant is vital to its long-range space excavation plan by 2050. China also wants to dig asteroids. Also, he plans to build a solar power plant in geosynchronous orbit. Chinese space program chief Zhang Keijin has announced that China will set up its research station at the Moon’s South Pole within the next 10 years.

America wants to build a base on the moon, eyes on Mars

In view of these solid preparations by China, then-US Vice President Mike Pence also said during Donald Trump’s term in office in 2019, “We are living in a space race these days like it happened in the 1960s and at the time in play. ” that China has landed its spacecraft in the strategically important remote Moon region and revealed its plans to capture it. The extraction of minerals from the Moon has also become increasingly important to the United States. US space agency NASA is working on a robot capable of extracting and examining the moon’s soil for natural resources. NASA also wants to build a base on the Moon by 2028. NASA Administrator Jim Bridenstine recently said that we want to go to the Moon because we want to go to Mars with humans.

Private space agencies aren’t behind schedule to reach the moon, either.

The owner of the Amazon company, Jeff Bezos, contributes to this work of NASA. One of his companies, Blue Origin, is working on a new rocket. Bezos plans to take all of Earth’s giant industries to space. China and Bezos plan to establish and industrialize human settlements in space. The thought of China is that if its economy remains dependent on traditional energy sources located on the earth, it will not be good in the long run. That is why he is working on the use of space resources. Bezos also believes that Earth’s resources are limited for humans to live, so the possibility of living in space will need to be explored. Bezos said in one of his speeches that water from the moon can be used as fuel.

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