moon orbiting the earth animation: the moon revolves around the barycenter of the lunar system of the earth: the moon revolves around this point of the earth

We know the moon is moving around the earth, but this process is not so much. The moon actually revolves around the point about 3000 miles from the center of the Earth. The earth itself is spinning at this point and itself is also spinning. These complex systems may not be easily understood. Therefore, planetary scientist James O Donoghue of the Japanese Space Agency (JAXA) created an animation that explains how the Earth and its closest neighbors revolve around each other.

This place in the center of mass of the Earth-Moon system is called a baricenter. It is a point where an object or system can be balanced and the mass of the system on each side is equal. The Earth-Moon baricenter does not fall at the center of the Earth but is located below the surface of the Earth. In the animation that James prepared, the status of the two can be seen for the next three years. However, the distance between the two is not precise but the position is precise.

Each planetary system moves around one of these points. The baricenter of our solar system is sometimes inside the sun, sometimes outside. With their help, astronomers detect planets orbiting a star. With the movement of a star, scientists calculate a mass that is not visible in any system. James himself created a similar animation of Pluto and his moon Sharon. In this system, Pluto’s baricenter remains outside.

James also created animations that show why a leap year is necessary and how low the speed of light really is.

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Photo: NASA

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