Moon samples in China: moon samples by China Chang’e Mission: the Chinese mission found on the moon

In December of last year, the Chinese Chang’e mission brought a sample to Earth after 45 years of the moon. China has now released photos of these samples. Chang’e brought with him a 3.8-pound sample of soil and rocks. We can see in the photos the amount of dust and large pieces that he found there. The sample will be exhibited at the National Museum of China in a crystal vessel. The container is designed as a traditional Chinese Zun utensil.

Where did you get the samples
Earlier in 1974, the Soviet Union’s Lunar 24 robotic mission brought samples from the moon. In November, Chang’e was launched via a Long March-2 rocket from the Wenchang launch site in Hainan Province. He landed on the moon in the region of Oceanus Procellarum which is a vulcanic complex. Landing was not done here earlier. Samples found from here will be able to know volcanic movements on the moon.

What will work?
It will also know on what date the activities were taking place inside its surface. This information is important in the development of the planets. Chang’e returned with samples on December 17. The containers in which these are kept in the Samples Museum have a height of 38.44 centimeters, indicating the distance (384,400 km) between the Earth and the Moon. It is 22.89cm wide, or 22.89 days between Chang’e launch and landing.

Who will China be competing with?
China has become the third country to obtain moon samples. This feat of China is also special as China has attempted to land on the moon three times and succeeded three times while other countries have faced many failures. China’s space program is improving rapidly, but its competition is with the US Artemis program which wants to get humans to the moon by 2024. At the same time, the European Space Agency is also considering sending the lander.

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